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Seated Appetizer Choices

Stuffed Quail
boneless quail, stuffed with foie gras, mushrooms and
onions, baked in pastry then served with a Madeira wine and truffle sauce.

Salmon Troisgros
lightly pounded medallions of salmon fillet, served with
a sorrel cream sauce.

Oysters Madeira
freshly shucked oysters, layered with crabmeat in a creamy
Madeira sauce and topped with bacon.

Crab Profiteroles
cheese pate choux pastry puffs filled with seasoned
crabmeat, baked and topped with béarnaise sauce.

Daube De Canard
pieces of marinated duck, sautéed with water chestnuts,
snow peas and scallions served in a sweet ginger and soy sauce.

Duck and Chestnuts in Phyllo Dough
pieces of duck with chestnuts and

Fettuccini Fruits de Mer
fresh fettuccini noodles, cooked al dente, with a
sauce of shellfish stock, leeks and white wine, garnished with shrimp.

Coquille St. Jacques
bay scallops, poached in white wine, combined with
mushrooms and shallots, served in a cream and white wine sauce.

snails poached in white wine, then simmered in beef stock with
tarragon, finished with hazelnut butter, served in puff pastry.

Fruits de Mer en Patisserie
scallops and shrimp in a cream, scallion and
basil sauce, baked in a crock topped with puff pastry.

Shrimp Scampi
shrimp, baked in garlic butter, finished with a dash of
sherry, served on a bed of wild rice.

Cassoulet au Fruits de Mer
scallops, shrimp or any seafood combination, in
a white wine butter sauce.

Pasta with Mussels
mussels with angel hair pasta in a fennel cream sauce.

Steamed Bay Scallops
served in the shell with a white wine and garlic
butter sauce - available seasonally.

Oysters in Fennel Cream
freshly shucked oysters, sautéed with garlic and
fresh bread crumbs, served in a toasted French bread roll with a fennel
cream and roasted garlic sauce.

Lobster Ravioli
fresh egg pasta, filled with lobster meat, marinated in
sherry, served with sauce cardinale.


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